Sick Hip Hop Trap Beat in A Minor

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⬇Chords & Scales⬇

♫ Chord Progression:

I Am I Am I F I G I

♫ Scale Suggestion for Improvising:

A Minor Pentatonic (A-C-D-E-G)

Hi Guys, I am a 'one man show' which means I write, record and produce all Backing Tracks on my own and without any help. I really put much effort in creating these Tracks and if you like them and want to support me please download this Backing Track and all my others in perfect Quality from my Bandcamp Store. You can pay as much as you want.




© Daily Backing Tracks

My name is Andre and I'm a 22 year old Music Student from Germany. I play Saxophone, Piano, Guitar and Drums. Three years ago I also started writing and producing Music which turned out to be my biggest passion, and it still is. I really love creating Jam Tracks for other Musicians and just the Fact that somewhere around the Globe another Musician is Jamming to my Tracks makes me very happy and proud. I am a guy who always tries to push himself further than what other people tell me is possible.
That's why I try to write, record, produce and finally upload a new Backing Track every single Day.
I am a dreamer with a big imagination, my world is my creation. That's me.

If anybody did actually read this far I thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥ "

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