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Here's a bassless Gm Blues jam track for all you bass players to have fun laying down basslines and improvising over!

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Recorded with the Axe FX2 XL+ by Fractal Audio

Using the awesome wireless system from PRA Audio Systems


Tempo = 80 BPM

Chord progression:

II: Gm I Gm I Gm I Gm I
I Cm I Cm I Gm I Gm I
I Ebmaj7 I Dm C I Gm I Gm D :II

Scale suggestions for improvisation:

G minor pentatonic scale - G Bb C D F

G minor blues scale - G Bb C C# D F

G dorian mode - G A Bb C D E F

G minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F

G harmonic minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F#


Gm - G Bb D

Cm - C Eb G

Ebmaj7 - Eb G Bb D

Dm - D F A

C - C E G

D - D F# A


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