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Into The Blues, Vol. 2 - 10 Top Blues Backing Tracks (Full Album)

10 of my favorite blues guitar jam tracks :) Into The Blues, Vol. 2 is almost 2 hours long!!! * Tracklist below *
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Click on each track for chord progressions & scale suggestions :)

0:00 1. Slow Blues Backing Track - Hendrix Style (C)

9:40 2. A Minor Blues Backing Track
(with intro solo TAB)

19:58 3. Rock & Roll Blues Backing Track (G)

30:28 4. Buddy Guy Style Shuffle Blues backing Track (G)

40:32 5. D Minor Blues Ballad Backing Track

51:00 6. B.B. King Style Blues Backing Track

1:02:34 7. Slow Blues Backing Track (E)

1:13:09 8. Freddie King Style Blues Backing Track (E)

1:27:06 9. Chicago Blues Shuffle Backing Track (C)
(with intro solo TAB)

1:37:11 10. Minor Blues Guitar backing Track (Bm)

Learn some killer Blues licks in this Copycat Jam:

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