Welcome to all musicians (beginners and advanced) of all ages !

Freedom of musical expression and improvisation !

Freedom of choice of your desiderata and objectives !

Immediate handling of the instrument !

The   Pentatonics  

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With a music teacher at your side, you will be facing a professional, advising you appropriately,

like a musical gaming partner and not a computer empty of all feelings and personal advice,

if only by the image and NOT the presence and human sensibility !


You will learn faster because corrected from the moment of your performance and not  by requiring

you to click on the mouse to redo the same musical phases without being helped !!


Our Promotion

4 x 60 minutes "individual lessons"       €     50.-

12 x 60 minutes "individual lessons"       €  140.-     

24 x 60 minutes "individual lessons"        280.-    


Money back guarantee of music lessons in case of dissatisfaction

of the student during the first month of work with the teacher !

Last edited: 11/12/2019