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 Blues Lengend

In its embryonic form, the blues was "a functional expression, resulting in musical dialogues (call and response) without accompaniment or harmony and which was not limited by a particular musical structure.

This music, which can be described as pre-blues, was born from the songs of workers, especially slaves, who sang "simple songs loaded with emotional content".

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An important reference to what closely resembles the blues dates from 1901, when a Mississippi archaeologist described the songs of black workers and slaves whose songs were based on themes and technical elements characteristic of the blues.

The Amerindian influence, long hidden, is today more and more put forward by many authors and researchers.

It would be particularly sensitive on the use of pentatonic scales (from Asia) and on certain types of blues like that of the Delta, hypnotic, throbbing, rhythmic and often modal.

Bluesmuddy waters Bluesmagicsam Bluesjohnny winter Bluesjohnmayall Bluesjohnleehocker Bluesjoebonnassa

Nor should we underestimate Celtic influences (with the strong Irish and Scottish population of the southern states even before the creation of the United States).

Many negro-spirituals would probably have been classified as blues if this word had then had a broader meaning.

It should be noted that almost all artists, musicians, singers from the South, White and Black, in Country Music as in the Blues, have been fed and raised to the almost unique yardstick of Negro Spirituals, with many of them direct and educational learning in itinerant Gospel schools.

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Hheir purpose was to evangelize "simple souls" by using popular songs whose meaning was diverted with, at the end, a religious morality.

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