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Atelier  Musical Cordes Pincées


Musician / Guitarist since 1970, born in Geneva, in French Switzerland in 1950 ... I lived five years in Germany (Düsseldorf) and one year in the United States (Chicago) where I worked mainly in finance and marketing (banking, stock market , export).

During this period of six years abroad, I rubbed shoulders with many stage and street musicians, from all countries, with whom I shared my musical nights ...

Back in Switzerland, and continuing to work in music, I exercised various commercial professions for large foreign consulting and management companies (Spanish, English, German, American and Chinese), working alongside one of my many positions of responsible and manager, that of responsible for Fender guitars from 1996 to 2000 for Switzerland.

This allowed me to work with many musicians at the music fairs in Frankfurt and Los Angeles.

Today, domiciled in France for three years in the north of Alsace, I continue to work in music and bring my humble guitar skills to musicians of all ages.





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