Blues Backing Track in A -Texas Shuffle Key of A (Stevie Ray Vaughan Style) Briggs/Marangoni

This is a shuffle in the key of A. The style is Texas Swing. If you like Stevie Ray Vaughan you will love this track. Use this track to practice your soloing over.
This track is performed and recorded by Kevin Briggs (Guitar/Bass) and Nick Marangoni (Drums) If you like what you hear, please check out tracks we have for sale on iTunes. Here is the link to the American iTunes. .There are 4 albums to choose from. 2 albums under the names Briggs/Marangoni and 2 albums under the names Briggs/Cohen/Marangoni. We're all pro guys who love blues and put together tracks for people to have some fun and practice along to. Nick Cohen is the bass player on the last 2 Albums. Some killer playing from him especially on the Blues Funk Tracks album!

The Texas Shuffle is a standard Blues Progression in A.
A for 4 bars, D for for 2 bars, A for 2 bars, E for 1 bar, D for 1 bar, A for 1 bar and E for 1 bar.

Free Guitar Ebook ----. Do you play guitar and need some free scale patterns to solo over this Texas Shuffle chord progression? Go here for a free guitar ebook with scales and chords. (There is even a free chart for the Texas Shuffle on this facebook page)
Use any of the Blues Scales from the free ebook or the Major Pentatonic scale patterns.
You can even switch between the Blues scale and the Major Pentatonic during your solo to get either a Blues based sound or a Major based sound. "

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